Why Take This Course

  • Learn what "Transformation" is

    Get an overall understanding of what "transformation" is and the 10 Principles of Transformation.

  • Understand The Three Types of Transformation

    Shock, Shift and Evolution. Learn how these three types are different and how it matters to you.

  • Get Applicable Case Studies

    In the mini course, we share 3 different companies undergoing "transformation" - and what their take on it is.

Built on the report, now learn the tools

This mini-course is built on Building the Transformational Company – a CEO Handbook. In the full program you will learn 10 new tools and get a playbook on how you can succesfully lead transformation.

This mini-course gives you a high-level introduction and takes you through the first of 10 tools, the 10 Principles of Transformation.

What You'll Learn

By the end of the preview, you should have a good understanding of what “Transformation" is and how to navigate through the Three Types of Transformation, Shock, Shift and Evolution.

  • 1


    • Building the Transformational Company - Preview

  • 2

    Before we start

    • Short Introduction to the Course by Christian Rangen

    • About You

    • Three Questions Before We Begin

    • Answer These 3 Questions

  • 3

    Understanding Transformation

    • Transformation is Everywhere

    • Selected Industries Facing Transformation

    • What is Transformation?

    • How Do We Recognize Transformation?

    • Three Types of Transformation: Case Studies

    • Three Types of Transformation: Implications

    • Three Types of Transformation: Implications

  • 4

    10 Principles of Transformation

    • 10 Principles of Transformation

    • Tool Download: 10 Principles of Transformation

    • Principle 1: Understand Your Industry Shifts

    • Download Your Industry Map + Industry Shifts Map

  • 5

    Congrats: Now it's Your Turn

    • From Learning to Action

    • Reflection: 3 Questions

    • The Full BTC Program

Who is this Mini Course for?

  • Strategy leaders, transformation leaders, strategy, innovation, & transformation teams

  • Top management and senior decision makers facing disruptive industry trends or large-scale transformation challenges

  • HR, L&D teams that want to build deeper transformational capacity across the firm with large group learning programs

  • Consultants, advisers, management consultants, small consulting companies, strategy & innovation consultants


Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor. His clients span oil & gas, energy, technology, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting, and national governments. Chris has worked on large-scale transformation projects across a range of industries and guided both Boards, CEOs, CFOs and Strategy Officers on their transformation journeys.

He is the author of Building the Transformational Company – a CEO Handbook.

He is faculty / visiting faculty at multiple business schools across Europe and has extensive experience designing and running online learning programs.