Learn how you can lead your company through crises

  • Face the facts for your company

    A business winter is coming. How do you deal with it? This course helps you face the facts to guide you in the coming weeks and months.

  • Build your survival strategy

    The strategy you had last week, forget about it. What you need now is a brand new strategy for survival. We designed the Corporate Survivability Canvas to help you craft a strategy that is fit for today – and tomorrow.

  • Lead as a ‘wartime CEO’

    Your leadership will be tested. Are you up for it? By the end of this short course, you should have a clear and focused action plan – and understand how you can take on the mindset of a ‘wartime CEO’.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Why We Created this Course

    • How to Complete this Course

    • Welcome & Introductions: What We'll Cover in this Course

    • 3 Questions

    • Download: Corporate Survivability Canvas

  • 2

    Part 1: Face the Facts

    • Introduction

    • Key Takeaways

    • Face the Facts

    • Reflection Questions

    • Mike Wade: Why Most Organizations Are Set-Up-To-Fail in Response to COVID-19

    • Mini Assignment: Turbulence

  • 3

    Part 2: Corporate Survival

    • Introduction

    • Key Takeaways

    • How to Survive

    • 3 Questions

    • Corporate Survivability Canvas Walkthrough

    • Corporate Survivability Canvas in the Miro App

    • Complete Your Own Corporate Survivability Canvas

  • 4

    Part 3: Wartime CEO

    • Introduction

    • Key Takeaways

    • Wartime CEO

    • 3 Questions

    • Help Those Around You

Who is this for?

This online course is for leaders at all levels trying to lead through the current situation. 

This program is highly suitable for CEOs, top management, managers and team leaders. It is  for consultants, coaches and anyone taking a leadership role in today's challenging times.

Get to work immediately

Corporate survival in the age of COVID19 – together with the brand new tool Corporate Survivability Canvas - is designed to help you make the tough choices and put together a strategy that can help you improve the odds of your company’s survival.

This mini-course and new strategy tool is perfectly suited for anyone helping lead or support a company through the crisis.

This is a short, action-based course. Not to help you learn, but to help you do.

Why we created this course

A business winter is coming – are you prepared for it? Since mid-February we have watched the COVID19 situation draw closer and closer. With partners and team members in Asia and Northern Italy, we have increasingly witnessed COVID-19 and its effects.

In early March, as the crisis was creeping closer to Europe, some companies started paying attention and running scenarios. Today, most of the world is in full crisis mode, trying to find best ways to survive.

Airlines have parked up to 90% of their fleets. Large corporates have pulled down every available credit line they had. Oil & Gas companies, including their suppliers, have started laying off people in the thousands – and the crisis is just beginning.

Yet, we have seen (some of) this before. As we worked through the 2014 – 2016 oil crisis, we've helped management teams, companies, economic development agencies and national government transform and drive new economic growth.

We have seen ‘markets quake’, and how to respond. Today is different – but the challenge remains the same. How do you survive in turbulent economic times.

This online course is based on our experiences from 2014-2016 and our more recent work in helping companies navigate the ‘Double Black Swan’ we are facing.

Our purpose with this quick course is to help you and your company increase their odds of survival, fast

We have developed a short course, with a strong call to action.

This is an action course. It is a strategy course. Not a learning course.

We hope this course can help you and your comapany beat the odds and beat the situation we are in. Let’s up your company’s survivability odds!

Program Director

Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor. His clients span oil & gas, energy, technology, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting, and national governments. Chris has worked on large-scale transformation projects across a range of industries and guided both Boards, CEOs, CFOs and Strategy Officers on their transformation journeys.

He is the author of Building the Transformational Company – a CEO Handbook.

He is faculty / visiting faculty at multiple business schools across Europe and has extensive experience designing and running online learning programs.

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Relevant, Timely, and a life saver for many companies

Scott Newton

Wow! Right on time, this short format course helps all of us as we work to minimize the negative impacts of COVID-19 and get prepared for a new (and hopefull...

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Wow! Right on time, this short format course helps all of us as we work to minimize the negative impacts of COVID-19 and get prepared for a new (and hopefully better) future! Take it now. Highly recommend.

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