Why Join the Global Cluster Leadership Program?

  • Grow your cluster leadership skills

    Cluster strategy, cluster business models, personal leadership and how to build a Supercluster – you will learn the personal leadership skills for cluster success.

  • Learn 15 innovation cluster strategy & management tools

    Open Innovation Map, Cluster Capital Strategy, Three Types of Clusters and Supercluster Pre-assessment; these are just four of the 15 tools you will learn during the program. Work on paper, PDF, digital apps or digital whiteboards, the choice is yours.

  • Work on your own cluster strategy project

    The entire program is built around your cluster strategy project. Use this program to develop a robust, future-fit cluster strategy – or simply upgrade the strategy you already have.

Building Capacity for Cluster Management

  • Action-based learning & development program for cluster leadership

  • Learn the latest best practices and strategy processes of successful innovation clusters

  • Discover how the global cluster landscape is changing

  • Develop a digital transformation project for your cluster

  • Find new ways of successfully developing your innovation cluster

  • Connect and network with fellow cluster leaders

  • Work directly with cluster expert Christian Rangen

What You'll Learn in This Program

  • How to develop cluster success stories

  • How to build better innovation clusters

  • How are clusters evolving and changing

  • How to develop better strategies for cluster

  • How to achieve impact in your cluster leadership role

  • How to use new strategy tools to grow your innovation cluster
  • Course curriculum

    • 1

      Program Resources

      • How to Complete this Program & Receive Your Certification

      • Downloads: Cluster Strategy Tools

      • Downloads: Reports & Reading Material Mentioned in this Program

      • Monthly Live Digital Workshops: Information and Join URLs

    • 2


      • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

      • An Introduction

      • Discussion & Reflection: Industries of the Future

      • Your Starting Point

      • Hello

      • 3 Questions: About this Program

      • Why This Program

      • Who this Program is For

      • Discussion & Reflection: Making this Program Work for You

      • How We Will Work

      • Program Design

      • Completing this Program

      • Your Project Work

      • Introducing the Strategy Tools Platform

      • Introducing Miro - the Digital Whiteboard

      • Clusters of Change Roadmap in Miro

      • Closing Introductions

      • Discussion & Reflection: Cluster Leadership Program Introduction

    • 3

      Coursework Module 0

      • First Project Work

      • Cluster Snapshot in Miro

      • Project Work 1: Cluster Snapshot

    • 4

      Module 1: A New Cluster Landscape

      • Questionnaire

      • Discussion & Reflection: Cluster Landscape

      • Introduction

      • Canada's Ocean Supercluster

      • Understanding Canada's Ocean Supercluster

      • Join Canada's Ocean Supercluster Momentum

      • Canada's Ocean Supercluster Projects

      • Interview with the Canadian Ocean Supercluster CEO - Kendra McDonald

      • Discussion & Reflection: Canada's Ocean Supercluster

      • The Brief History of Clusters

      • Economic Shifts

      • A New Cluster Paradigm Emerging

      • Superclusters on the Rise

      • Interview with TCI President Merete

      • 3 Questions: New Cluster Paradigm

      • Discussion & Reflection: New Cluster Paradigm

      • Where Do We Start

      • What's Your Problem?

      • National Cluster Framework

      • Case Study: What a National Cluster Framework Could Look Like

      • What Do Your Future Members Want?

      • Closing Module 1

      • About Your Final Project

      • Module 1 Slides

    • 5

      Coursework Module 1

      • Project Work 2: My Project Outline

      • Module 1 Exercises

    • 6

      Module 2: Cluster Strategy

      • Introduction

      • Working with the Tools Hands-On

      • A Story

      • What is, really, a (Super)cluster?

      • A Paradigm Shift

      • Cluster Configuration

      • Case Study: Norwegian Energy Solutions Cluster

      • Mapping Your Members

      • Supercluster: Members in the App

      • Supercluster Strategy Map

      • Supercluster Strategy Map in Miro

      • Discussion & Reflection: Supercluster Strategy Map

      • Interview with Cap Digital Délégué Général - Patrick Cocquet

      • Discussion & Reflection: Cap Digital

      • Value Impact

      • Case Study: SAMS Cluster Value Impact

      • Your Value Impact?

      • Strategy - Pre-Launch

      • Entrepreneurship

      • Case Study: Cluster Startup Portfolio in the App

      • Cluster Capital Strategy

      • Case Study: Clean Energy Cluster Capital Strategy

      • Supercluster Capital Strategy Map in the App

      • Getting Started on Your Cluster Capital Strategy

      • Intro to One Page Strategy

      • One-Page Cluster Strategy

      • Case Study: One-Page Cluster Strategy in the App

      • Case Study: One-Page Cluster Strategy in Miro

      • Your Project Work in Module 2

      • Closing Module 2

      • Slides Module 2

    • 7

      Coursework Module 2

      • Project Work 3: Cluster Strategy Intro

      • Module 2 Exercises

    • 8

      Module 3: Cluster Leadership

      • Introduction

      • Leadership in Clusters?

      • From Five to Eight Levels of Leadership

      • Your Self-Assessment

      • Cluster Organizational Structure

      • Case Study: NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

      • Case Study: Finance Innovation Cluster

      • Case Study: Norway Health Tech Cluster

      • The Role of an Investment Relations Manager: An Interview with Jeremy

      • Discussion & Reflection: Cluster Case Studies

      • What If? See the Future of Digital Health Tech at CES 2019

      • We are Health Valley

      • The Role of an Innovation Manager: An Interview with Victor Haze

      • Discussion & Reflection: The Role of an Innovation Manager

      • Building Capabilities in Clusters: An Interview with Martin Hennum

      • Discussion & Reflection: Building Capabilities in Clusters

      • Closing Module 3

      • Slides Module 3

    • 9

      Coursework Module 3

      • Project Work 4: Reflection Memo

      • Module 3 Exercises

    • 10

      Module 4: Cluster in Action

      • Introduction

      • About Your Final Project

      • Open Innovation in Clusters

      • Case Study: Open Innovation in a Mobility Cluster

      • NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster Launch

      • Case Study: NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

      • Interview with Innovation Manager at NCE Seafood - Björgólfur Hávarðsson

      • Discussion & Reflection: Seafood Innovation Cluster

      • Your Open Innovation in Practice in the App

      • Creating Clusters of Change

      • How Business Clusters are Boosting Spain's Clean-Tech Startup Industry

      • Cluster Business Model

      • Exploring Cluster Business Models

      • A Study of Cluster Business Models

      • Your Cluster Business Model in Miro

      • 2nd Example of the Cluster Business Model Map in Miro

      • Cluster Business Model Evolution

      • Cluster Business Model Evolution Map in Miro

      • Cluster Business Model Innovation

      • Discussion & Reflection: Cluster Business Model Innovation

      • Interview with Bianca Dragomir

      • Discussion & Reflection: Clusters of Change

      • Program Design

      • Closing Module 4

      • Closing Discussion & Reflection: Building Better Innovation Clusters

      • Grow Your Skills

      • Slides Module 4

    • 11

      Coursework Module 4

      • Final Project Work - Clusters of Change (Demo in Miro)

      • Final Project - Clusters of Change Roadmap

      • Module 4 Exercises

    A good fit for you?

    Strategy Tools is used by National Innovation Cluster Program, Cluster Development Programs, and Innovation Supercluster to create a strategy road map and real impact. You will find our Global Cluster Leadership Program extremely helpful if you have:
  • a strong interest in cluster management
  • interest in shaping better clusters
  • good knowledge of the local ecosystem

    This program is developed for:
    ✓ Cluster Managers
    ✓ Cluster Leaders & Staff
    ✓ Cluster Board Members
    ✓ Economic Policymakers
    ✓ National Transformation Leaders
    ✓ Ecosystem Developers
    ✓ Consultant
    ✓ Anyone with an interest in building better innovation clusters
  • What cluster leaders say

    Really digs deep into our "real" problems and challenges

    Martin Hennum | Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway

    Christian Rangen has great knowledge on cluster development on an international level that he happily shares. The strategy tools he developed have been a great resource to run discussions with and between people from many different backgrounds and companies within the clusters. It helps cluster members structure their conversations and really dig deep into their “real” problems and challenges.

    Led to a more structured process

    Vivian Lunde | Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway

    Working with Christian Rangen and Strategy Tools has led to a more structured process both internally and when working with our cluster clients. He shakes things up, goes the extra mile and has genuinely brought great value to Innovation Norway.

    Invaluable to us

    Arild Kristensen | CEO, Smart Care Cluster Norway

    We now have a strategy for Scale-Ups and Capital which is the direct result of working with Strategy Tools. Chris brings with him deep insight on cluster work that has been invaluable to us.

    Program Director

    Christian Rangen

    Christian has over 15 years experience as business school faculty, having designed and taught over 20 different programs and classes across strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and energy transformation.

    He has extensive experience designing and running executive education programs and online learning programs. His previous programs have had participants from more than 60 countries around the world.

    Christian is also an internationally renowned expert on Innovation Clusters and Superclusters and is the author of Building Innovation Superclusters - Economic Development for the 21st Century.

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