What our previous participants say

Totally turned the way I looked at strategy planning

Mykola Takzey | Founder, Braintuition

Going through Strategy Tools Global Coaches was truly life changing. It totally turned the way I looked at strategy planning -- the combination of Industry Shifts Map and Strategy Intro became my primary tool when helping large and medium enterprises mitigate the risks and utilize business opportunities. Most importantly, the STGC reshapes your mindset, makes you better equipped for today's fast-changing world and adds extra agility to strategy planning & execution. I don't think there is anything else more important than these nowadays.

Unique & powerful resource for strategists of our time

James van der Westhuizen | CEO, Knowhouse

As the world changed and became smaller, faster and less certain, everything changed but somehow strategy facilitation got left behind. What the Strategy Tools portfolio does is bring strategy facilitation into the new world in a powerful, simple, accessible way. A unique and powerful resource for the strategists of our time.

Helped my clients think differently

Andy Green | Founder, A Cut Above the Rest

Using Strategy Tools opened up my discussion with my clients. They really started thinking differently.

Fantastic way to improve my strategic thinking & approach

Harvey Wade | Founder, Innovate21

The STGC program was a fantastic way to improve my strategic thinking and approach. By going deep into the ST tools, being challenged to explain them and how they are used, the tools are now engrained into my approach, they are far more than tools. The program also demonstrated the importance of preparation, both for delivery, but also in general discussion. It's enabled my strategic thinking to be sharper, leading to closer relationships with my clients.

Most valuable innovation / strategy engagement

Jaroslav Dokoupil | Consultant

Our client told us that this has been the most valuable innovation / strategy engagement they've ever experienced.

You would love this program

Javier Sevilla | Founder, Novarek

If you’re looking for new tools to update your management toolkit in areas such as strategy, innovation, clusters or ecosystems, then Strategy Tools Global Coaches is a great introduction program to discover a new set of visual and practical tools that take into account the new voices in these areas. If you’ve been following Rita McGrath, Scott D. Anthony, Roger Martin or Clayton Christensen among others, then you would love this program.

Our clients loved Strategy Tools

Peter Baverso | Performance Innovator

The session where we used Strategy Tools received the most positive feedback of any prior sessions with this client.