Bring a powerful solution to your team and clients

In this certification program, you will master the Transform! Simulation Kit.

From running small simulation sessions to larger scale multi-step training programs, you will learn how to plan, design and run full programs.

You will learn the domain knowledge and advanced facilitation skills to run impactful Transform! sessions and programs, as well as how to sell these internally and externally.

As a simulation facilitator, you will quickly learn that Transform! is far more than ‘just a simulation’.

The entire bundle is a highly flexible solution, that you can structure and use in many, many ways, based on your customers’ and users’ needs.

You can expand your consulting services significantly with a Transform! certification.

What You'll Get

  • Confidence and know-how to run high impact Transform! simulation sessions with your strategy & leadership teams, boards, business schools and clients

  • Detailed walk-through of all elements of the simulation

  • 6 hours of self-paced videos and content (in easily-consumed bite-sized pieces)

  • Several real world use cases: from product to project

  • Advanced facilitation techniques

  • Building the Transformational Company Report

  • Facilitator slide deck that you can use with your team / clients

  • Advanced reading material to enhance your domain knowledge of corporate transformation

  • Free download of strategy canvases, guidebooks, and more to facilitate your Transform! sessions

  • Free access to the Strategy Tools App

Learn how to transform real life companies

The fundamental principles of Transform! is built on real-world experiences and insights.

The stories and challenges, the emotions, confusion and strategic choices are all modeled after numerous real-life CEOs.

Christian Rangen has been coaching, guiding and advising CEOs, Executives and Board Members for nearly 20 years. The role(s) you take in the simulation are all built on real life CEOs, as they struggle to transform their companies.

While Transform! is anchored in academic research and the latest management thinking, the real deep experiences are all modeled after the struggles, doubts, choices and actions of real life CEOs.

Get certified to bring this powerful solution to your team and clients.

Why transform?

Research shows us that companies need to transform faster than ever. This trends is only expected to accelerate. As we get into the 2020’s, building transformational capacity will be a top management priority in markets and industries around the world.

This program equips you with an advanced toolset and skillset to enable you to help transform companies, either as a consultant, business school faculty or internal change agent.

The program combines our in-depth research, nearly 20 years of experience and powerful solution you can start applying instantly.

Master the Transform Triangle

A core part of the online training is helping you master fundamental elements like the Transform Triangle here. In the program you will be introduced to a number of new concepts, tools and theories you can apply to help companies transform.

Learn how to run advanced-level workshops

You will learn how to plan, design and deliver advanced level workshop. From 3 hours to 3 days or even 3 months. See an example of a workshop we ran in Zurich in early 2020.

Program Outcomes

  • Deep dive learning

    Learn to structure and facilitate impactful Transform! sessions in multiple ways based on your team's, customers' and users' needs.

  • Case studies and insights

    In this program, you will learn from case studies and over 100 completed simulation sessions.

  • Build your own solutions

    You will learn to connect software, strategy canvases and simulation into a powerful solution – customized for your use cases and clients.

Who is it for?

Some of the most common end-users of Transform! include:

  • Strategy leaders, transformation leaders, strategy, innovation, & transformation teams

  • Top management and senior decision makers facing disruptive industry trends or large-scale transformation challenges

  • HR, L&D teams that want to build deeper transformational capacity across the firm with large group learning programs

  • Business Schools faculty, from bachelor to executive

  • Consulting firms

  • Independent consultants

  • Facilitators, trainers and Lego Serious Play experts

  • National innovation and economic development agencies

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Story

    • Discussion & Reflection: Your Observations from Switzerland

    • Welcome

    • 3 Questions: Expectations

    • Master the 10 Principles of Transformation

    • Your Use Cases

    • Completing this Program

    • How We Will Work

    • Your First Project Work

    • Project Work 1: Why Companies Need to Transform?

    • Connect Online

    • Three Questions: Completing the Transform! Program

    • Introduction Module Slides

  • 2

    Program Resources

    • Getting Certified: What You'll Need to Fulfill

    • Program Resources: Tools, Guidebooks

    • Transform! Debrief Document

    • All Exercises in this program [For review only]

  • 3

    Exercises: Introduction

    • Exercise 1: Industries

    • Exercise 2: Company Cards

    • Exercise 3: Boom Cards

    • Exercise 4: Bust Cards

  • 4

    Module One: The Foundation

    • Introduction

    • The Foundation of Transform!

    • The Challenges of Transformation

    • From Sim to Solution

    • Market Outlook

    • House Rules

    • Domain & Facilitation Knowledge

    • 3 Questions: Domain & Facilitation Knowledge

    • What is Transformation?

    • 3 Questions: Transformation

    • Understanding the Five Levels of Learning

    • The Five Levels of Learning

    • Five Use Cases

    • Discussion & Reflection: Your Use Cases

    • 3 Mini Cases

    • Transform! Mini Case Studies

    • Building Your Domain Knowledge

    • About Your Project Work 2

    • Project Work 2: Your User Needs Memo

    • Module 1 Slides

    • Lessons from the Field: Experienced Strategy Facilitator Harvey Wade Explains The Power of Transform!

  • 5

    Exercises: Module One

    • Exercise 5: Business Models I

    • Exercise 6: Business Models II

    • Exercise 7: Innovation Strategy

    • Exercise 8: Transform Triangle

  • 6

    Module Two: Preparing Your First Session

    • Introduction

    • Reflection & Discussion: 5 Questions

    • Your Progress

    • The Pieces & The Boards

    • Setting Up Your First Session

    • Three Questions: Your First Session

    • Your Teams

    • Your Facilitator Role

    • Case Study: Energy Transformation

    • Discussion & Reflection: Energy Transformation Case

    • Your Slides for Running a Transform! Session

    • Understanding the Transformation Gap

    • The Transformation Gap

    • Real-Life Analysts

    • Tesla's Soaring Stock: Morgan Stanley's Managing Director Adam Jonas

    • Tesla to $1,200? Morgan Stanley lays out the bull case

    • Real-Life Analysts Part 2

    • Closing Module 2

    • Intro to Project Work 3: Market Cap Modelling

    • Project Work 3: Market Cap Modelling

    • Module 2 Slides

  • 7

    Exercises: Module Two

    • Exercise 9: Program Design

    • Exercise 10: Use Cases

    • Exercise 11: Basic Market Cap

  • 8

    Module Three: Running Your First Session

    • Introduction

    • Your Goals as a Facilitator

    • Building Your Expertise: Cards

    • Let's Ask Rita

    • Business Models & Revenue

    • Examples of Business Models & Revenue

    • Risky Cards

    • Common Mistakes

    • Closing Module 3

    • About Project Work 4

    • Project Work 4: Reflection Memo

    • Module 3 Slides

    • Running Your Own Transform! Workshops | Tips from Harvey Wade: Certified Transform! Facilitator

  • 9

    Exercises: Module Three

    • Exercise 12: Strategy

    • Exercise 13: Anti-Merger

    • Exercise 14: 10-Year Profit Profile

    • Exercise 15: Market Cap Math

  • 10

    Module Four: Advanced Facilitation (Part 1)

    • Introduction

    • Program Design Progress

    • Transformation Case Studies

  • 11

    Module Four: Chegg Case Study

    • Transformation Case Study - Chegg

    • Chegg CEO - The Netflix of Textbooks (August 2015)

    • Chegg Discussion: Netflix of Texthbooks

    • Chegg CEO: Taming the Transition (Feb 2016)

    • Chegg Discussion: Taming the Transition

    • Chegg CEO: Digital Education Transformation (Nov 2016)

    • Chegg Discussion: Digital Education Transformation

    • Chegg CEO: Earnings Beat and Tech Valuations (July 2018)

    • Chegg Discussion: Earnings Beat

    • Chegg CEO: Textbooks at College Bookstores are Dead (Feb 2019)

    • Chegg Discussion: Textbooks at College Bookstores are Dead

    • Discussion & Reflection: Chegg

    • Chegg Readings

  • 12

    Module Four: Ford Case Study

    • Transformation Case Study 2 - Ford

    • Ford's Transformation Plan (October 2017)

    • Ford Discussion: Ford's Transformation Plan

    • Ford CEO Hackett Lays Out His Plan for Ford's Future (January 2018)

    • Ford Discussion: CEO Hackett

    • Inside the Detroit Train Station Ford is Transforming to Take On Silicon Valley (June 2018)

    • Ford Discussion: Inside the Detroit Train Station Ford is Transforming

    • Discussion & Reflection: Ford

  • 13

    Module Four: Advanced Facilitation (Part 2)

    • Domain Deep Dive: CVC

    • Domain Deep Dive: Corporate Finance Books

    • Domain Deep Dive: Corporate Finance

    • Domain Deep Dive: Hostile Takeovers Part 1

    • 17 Defenses Against Hostile Takeovers

    • Domain Deep Dives: Hostile Takeovers Part 2

    • Discussion & Reflection: CVC

    • Your Facilitator Role

    • Handle Complexity

    • Advanced Facilitator Tips

    • Introducing Scott Newton - Experienced Transform! Facilitator

    • Scott Newton on Transform!

    • Closing Module 4

    • Final Project Work

    • Upon Completion of Module 4

    • Now, Go Transform!

    • Module 4 Slides

  • 14

    Exercises: Module Four

    • Exercise 16: Transformation Finance

    • Exercise 17: Mastery

  • 15

    Module Five: Advanced Reading Material

    • Case 1: NIO's Cash

    • Case 1: NIO's Cash (FT article)

    • Case 2: Volkswagen's industry upheaval

    • Case 2: Volkswagen's industry upheval (FT article)

    • The CEO Challenge

    • HBR CEO Lifecycle Spencer Stuart

    • VW's CEO Speech

    • Understanding Buy, Sell, and Hold Ratings of Stock Analysts

    • Prof. George Yip on Strategic Transformation

    • Reflection

Learning and development. At your pace

The certification program is designed to follow your learning and development – at your pace.

As such, you can zip through the entire program in 3-6 hours – or you can spend several months to learn, try things in real-life, deep dive into the advanced content and run live sessions as you learn.

The time commitment at your end can be as little as a few hours, completed in one day. Or, it can be a step-by-step, module-by-module learning journey where you go back and forth as a natural part of your training. This way, you can work through the online certification program over a period of several months as you slowly build your own expertise and mastery.

What's Included in Your Certification

The Transform! Online certification Program is designed to follow your progress as you learn to master the Transform! simulation kit.

You can sign up and complete the online certification without having the physical simulation kit. However, we do encourage you to purchase your own physical simulation kit, so you have have the full set available.

Some users like getting started on the online certification first and only purchase the simulation kit during or even after the simulation certification is completed. The choice, of course, is completely up to you.

We have two pricing options - Certification only, or Certification and the Full Kit, delivered to wherever you are.

Once you are certified, you can get: 

  • Exclusive access to purchase the Tarnsform! Simulation Kits
    To maintain quality of delivery and exclusivity - only Certified Simulation Facilitators can purchase and use the simulation kits in their work

  • Exclusive access to our Certified Simulation Facilitator group
    Meet others like yourself using Transform! to create impact and extra revenue streams

  • Option to join Strategy Tools as an Official Simulation Partner
    As a Strategy Tools Official Sim Partner, you will get:
    • Real-time coaching and support by founder of the simulations Christian Rangen to ensure your success in selling and facilitating your simulation projects

    • Access to digital updates - we are constantly adding new cards, materials, and other items to the kit due to the dynamic nature of . You will get digital access to these so you can use them with your clients and team.